The Loves of my Life

The Loves of my Life

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Heavy Load

Hello Everyone! I have had a little trouble keeping up with my blog lately...sorry! I will try and do better. Things around here have been crazy since spring break. When I got back to my regular schedule I jumped in full force! I am back to having boot camp 3 days a week, which I love. I have a hard time motivating myself to go to the gym and lift weights, but with the help of Texas Boot Camp I am able to do just that!! I also decided to get back into swimming. I love it! I have never been much of a runner, so this is my way of getting in cardio and working on endurance.

Not only have I been working out a lot, but I have started grad school again! It is great to be back in the classroom and working toward my goal of being a school counselor! I am also blessed to be taking both of my classes with a lady I have known pretty much my entire life. Lisa and I will be working together this semester on our projects and pretty much encouraging eachother to be able to make it throught his touch schedule. It is nice to only have to go to classes for 8 weeks, but there is a lot of course work to cram into that short amount of time!

I have also been conviced this week to spend more personal time with the Lord. It has been a while since I have done a daily devotional. I am starting my journey with my sisters devotional cards of being a Virtuous Woman. You can check out her great products at Worthy of the Prize! If you have any suggestions for a good Women's Devotionaly to start in May please feel free to leave me a message telling me about it!

To go along with gettig my life in order with the Lord and exercise, I will also be trying to cook more and eat healthy. I was introduced to a great blog through Worthy of the Prize. The blog is done by a friend of mine, Sarah Kay. Her blog is called Carroll Creations. She gives great recipes that she does that are easy and healthy, just what I need!!

Please check out Worthy of the Prize @ for great exercise tips and devotionals; and Carroll Creations @ for easy and healthy recipes!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break Madness

SPRING BREAK 2010!!! A very eventful week...

Friday: The start of it all! Chuck and I went to Arlington to eat dinner and play games with some friends for Seth's was a lot of fun!

Saturday: Such a crazy day! I got to Forth Worth early to help mom get the room decorated to Heather's shower that we have been working on for the past few weeks! After decorating the room, she made food and I went to pick up all of the things we had ordered! Everyone started showing up around 1:30 and we had a blast. Heather got a lot of great stuff and I cannot wait for the wedding. After the shower the Vick's (and Chuck), the Chaney's and the Pilgrim's all headed to Joe T's to relax and eat!

Sunday: In the morning I went to church and lunch with my sunday school class, since it was so nice we picked up food and headed to the park for a picnic. After lunch I headed back to the church for another bridal shower for Magean, my old roommate! After the shower the girls stayed after to help them address and stuff the invitations!

Monday: My first day at a relaxed schedule was spend in the yard. I cleaned up the flower beds in the front and added a little fertilizer and got a jump on the back yard. I decided I would spend teh day in the yard then head to mom and dad's around 4:30 to hang out with the fam for Seth's birthday. I continued to work in the yard for a while then went to the neighbors to borrow some tools. With the people that live in my neighborhood a 5 minute trip to into 45 minutes of catching up! Love it! I eventually made it home to shower and head to Fort Worth. When I got in the car and headed that way I realized that the clock in the car said it was 6...not 5, apparently I never re-set teh watch that I was wearing and was an hour behind the entire day...oops!
Tuesday: My Meghan came to town!!! When she got to the house she was really tired of sitting in the car, so I thought a little yard work would do her some good! We got the flower beds in the backyard ready to be planted! Last year we planted the front yard and it looked awesome, now it's time to do the's gonna be a big project! After all that work in the yard we headed to Cheddar's for dinner and Lowe's just to look around. After our outting it was back to the house to watch a movie and relax!

Wednesday: In the morning Meghan and I went for a I am out of shape, but it was nice to get out and be active! After that she went to Dallas for a meeting at UT Dallas. While she was gone I did a little cleaning and got ready to meet her and Chuck for lunch. After lunch we went out to TCU so she could check out the campus...I think she would really fit in well there...GO FROGS!!

Thursday: It was Meghan's last day in town...I was very sad to see her go :( We hung out in teh morning before the left for a lunch meeting and to drive back. That afternoon I ran a bunch of erronds to get ready for our cookout! I even went by school to check on my class fish...even after 5 days without food he was still alive!! Chuck came over around 4 to help cook and the rest of the gang showed up around 6:30. We ate out of the patio and attemped to enjoy a game of bocce ball, but Rachel's dog ran off with the target ball. By the time we got it back from him we had lost interest in the game...sad :( So instead we just decided to watch a little tv!

Friday: This was my day to be a kid! I went to six flags with Vonda and Deborah!! I don't think I ever realized how many people make out while standing in line...gross! The biggest part of the day was when we waited 2 and a half hours to ride the titan...totally worth the wait!

Saturday: Most of the day Saturday was spent at home. I did make it out for breakfast with Elizabeth and Danielle and a trip to Lowe's...thhe best store ever!!! In the afternoon I did some laundry and worked around the house. That night was the BHS Basketball Banquet. The speech I gave at the banquet was better than the one I gave at volleyball...I didn't say anything to embarras myself!!

Sunday: This awesome week is coming to an end and all I was able to do was sit on the couch with Chuck and be a bum! It was a nice relazing day that I needed to get ready for school on Monday.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Narrow Road

This weekend I had the chance to go back to College Station and play in a volleyball tournament with some old friends. It was a great experience, although every part of my body is sore...even my hands. Our team had a lot of fun playing together and just enjoying the game again.

I have always been blessed by a God that could take my love and passion for a sport and continue to make it a part of my life, even now. I went from being the girl in the gym running around playing while my older sisters played the game, to the girl who finally became old enough to play! Later I was a hard core athlete making volleyball my life, so much so that my grades and other areas of my life began to fall behind. Good thing I have such an amazing mom who stepped in and set me straight. I will never forget the list she helped me make so I could keep my priorities in order: God, Family, School, Volleyball... When I got to college, volleyball became a job, and a goal that pushed me to be successful in the classroom, on the court and in every day life! After having all of that experience and it being such a big part of my life, it was hard to move on and leave it behing...good thing God had other plans for me.

I always told myself that I was going to be a teacher first and if it happened to work out for me to coach as well, then I did! Once again God had bigger plans for me than I had for myself. All of that to say, I have come a long way from where I was in college, and I am so thankful to have a God that continues to love me and open doors for me to continue to do the things I love. It may be in a different way than before, but it is the right way for now. I may never be a hard core volleyball player again, but I can still touch others lives through the game.

"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad the road that leads to distruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it." Matthew 7:13-14

I am glad I found the narrow road, and I hope you do too...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Put Some Pants On...

...that is what my neighbor told me when i went out this morning in a sweatshirt, shorts and my galoshes to take pictures of the snow. It is beautiful outside, I feel like I am in Colorado!! I did end up with a couple of branches down in the yard, and one that barely missed the house! Now that I have had a little time to enjoy the snow, I will be headed south for warmer weather...

This weekend I will be in College Station to play in a Valentine's Classic Volleyball Tournament!! Look for an update of that and how I am feeling after the fact. In the mean time here are some pictured of the snow...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today was a pretty uneventful day at work, but I was able to take a few pictures of the snow. The one at the top is of our courtyard at school...very pretty!! I was also able to take my 7th period volleyball class out for a snowball fight and to build a snowman...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


For those of you reading my blog for Haiti updates, I have a pretty big one today...

As previously mentioned, things in Haiti change by the minute. After much prayer, planning, and fundraising it seems that our trip will be postponed until further notice. After the earthquake occurred, and we saw an opportunity to go and serve, we were given the go ahead. Last night we received an e-mail from our missionary contacts advising us not to come at this time. They were hoping that the city would be further along in restoration than it currently is. They are still waiting for someone to step in and retrieve bodies that are still left among the rubble. With the rainy season approaching disease is starting to spread and there is a predicted outbreak that will be pretty bad if they do not get things cleaned up. Already local people are having to wear masks just to walk down the street. With these conditions, it is becoming very unsafe for travelers. They are hoping that things will be better by summer time.

As for our team, we are still praying and planning; waiting for the time when we are encouraged to come! For us, this is a new season... We know that things will be prepared perfectly in Gods timing and now we are being called to wait and prepare ourselves spiritually until that time comes. Please continue to pray for us and send words of encouragement, as we all know it is hard to sit and wait when we are ready and willing to go now!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Looking Good in Haiti

I wish I had taken a picture tonight of me in my clothes that I will be wearing in Haiti. They are clothes that I am borrowing from dad, from his Mission Trip to Nicaragua. But as Jessica kindly reminded me, "I don't think they are going to care what you are wearing!" Not only are they all in the khaki family, but all of the shirts are at least 2 sizes too big!! I am gonna look awesome!

The rest of the trip is coming together nicely as well. I was able to expedite my passport and it should be here in about 2 weeks! Lets just pray that it actually comes through in time! The next thing on my list is to get my shot records and get shots that I need to be able to go! Yuck!

Our team is growing...we will now be joined by my head volleyball coach and her husband. I am very excited about this, to be able to see how God has softened their hearts for the Haitian people. It is also nice to see them away from work!

If you are looking for a way to help...we are accepting donations to cover trip expenses and supplies for the school and orphanage that we will be working with. Feel free to e-mail me and I will give you the contact information.

Thanks for all your prayers and support!!